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Marilena-Vasilica Ardelean

The world of wine means almost everything to me: my passion, my job, it stimulates my creativity and it feeds my constant need for new things. I started by specializing myself in Italian and French wines, realizing quite late that I knew very little things about the Romanian wines. Exploring the values at home, I began to discover the huge potential of the Romanian variety of grapes, the universe so personal whilst full of nuances of the Romanian viticulture and my desire grew
to develop projects that encourage the evolution of the  quality of local wines, to raise their awareness and their recognition worldwide.

I have visited almost all the wine cellars and vineyards from both countries, I have tested almost 3,000 wines and I have made a selection of 250. In this volume I have described and classified 214 wines. A total of 58 wine cellars and wineries have been evaluated in Romania and 14 in the Republic of Moldova.

The Wine Book of Romania is the first bilingual guide of the best wines in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, being a personalized business card for the wine industry and a useful tool for their promotion throughout the world. The author of the book is Marinela V. Ardelean, specialist in branding and business development in the enogastronomic industry, a professional wine tasting expert and professor at the Italian Chef Academy (Rome, Italy).

All wines presented in The Wine Book of Romania are judged by a jury of international experts. They award stars, from 1 to 5, to all the wines they taste, and only those rated with 3, 4 or 5 stars can be found in this guide.

If, in the first volume, 15% of the evaluated wines have obtained 5 stars, in the second volume you will discover 50 wines that have received the maximum rating from the jury, representing 18% of the total wines presented. In comparing with the first volume of the guide, the second one comes with a chapter dedicated exclusively to wine distillates (“vinars” in Romania and “divine” in the Republic of Moldova). 19 distillates were tasted and marked, of which 16 in the Republic of Moldova and 3 in Romania. Marinela V. Ardelean, The Wine Book of Romania’s author and the jury’s president, said: “For me, The Wine Book of Romania represents, besides a great responsibility, a commitment to the wine industry and wine producers in Romania. Working on the second volume, I was glad to see a remarkable increase in the quality of the evaluated wines. For example, last year only a 100% Fetească Neagră wine obtained 5 stars. This year, four 100% Feteasca Neagră wines, out of a total of 15 wines, earned 5 stars. I invite you to discover the excellence of Romanian wines in the second volume The Wine Book of Romania!”. The official launch of the second volume was made in May 2017, during the second edition of RO-Wine Festival | The Wine Festival of Romania. Here, was made also the judging of wines for The Wine Book of Romania’s third volume.

The Wine Book of Romania - VOL 3

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The Wine Book of Romania - VOL 2

After a first successful edition with over 6,000 copies sold, the second volume of The Wine Book of Romania was released in Bucharest, but also in the most important cities of the country, where the book’s author met with all wine lovers. For the second volume, 279 wines were described and classified, belonging to 75 wine cellars, 60 from Romania and 15 from the Republic of Moldova.

To make the second volume The Wine Book of Romania, Marinela V. Ardelean has visited, for 3 months, wine cellars in Romania and in the Republic of Moldova, has tasted over 3,000 wines and selected up to five labels from each producer.